The Masala Muse: an inventive Glaswegin cocktail inspired by the tikka masala

Glasgow: The city of invention


It's no secret that Glasgow is a city of invention and innovation. Hailed as the city that invented the world, our great city has some notable achievements we might take for granted today, including:
- The (improved) steam engine
- Antiseptic
- The cash machine
- Waterproofs (we wonder why)
- The fridge
- The TV
- The police
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But for us, surely the most beautiful concoction to ever come out of our great city has to be the Chicken Tikka Masala

Glaswegin Masala Muse Cocktail
Now loved the nation over, this incredible dish is the brainchild of Ali Ahmed Aslam, chef of Shish Mahal in the West End of Glasgow. When a bus driver complained his dish was too dry, the chef added a sauce made from yoghurt, cream, spices and a little tomato soup. And we're so pleased he did! 



Here at Glaswegin, we are continously inspired by Glasgow and this spirit of innovation. So in the run up to Glasgow Cocktail Week, we felt the urge to marry two of Glasgow's great inventions together; the tikka masala and our Glaswegin London Dry Gin! Could this be the most Glaswegian cocktail that ever existed?

Glaswegin Masala Muse

So what's in it?

The tikka masala essence of the cocktail can be found in a very special Masala Muse syrup our resident mixologist and Brand Ambassador Jack has concocted. The syrup contains mango, coriander, garlic and ginger. So don't worry, no tomatoes or cream were harmed in the making of this cocktail.

We mixed:
- 50ml Glaswegin Premium London Dry Gin
 20ml Lemon Juice
- 30ml Masala Muse syrup
- Topped with soda water, ice & a lemon peel twist

What does it taste like?
The result (as we sip with nervous trepidation...) It's delicious! The syrup has a subtle spice and really works well with the lemon juice. We found this is a cocktail that really works with a food pairing; so a bite of spicy poppadom then a sip of cocktail is really quite something! You could go really wild with garnishes too.

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