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A splash of your favourite tonic is all you need to enjoy Glaswegin. But we love to innovate, so we’ve created some ways you can mix our gin to complement its distinctive flavour.

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Behind the bottle

From the artisan still in the heart of Glasgow to the story behind our minimalistic bottle design, inspired by the city and its people, discover what makes Glaswegin a gin for Glasgow.

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Magic eight

Strong on the outside but gentle on the inside, thanks to the restorative properties of Milk Thistle. Discover the eight botanicals that make our gin unique and spirited like all Glaswegians.

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Bottled and distilled in an artisan still in the heart of Glasgow, our Scottish craft gin features a unique blend of gin botanicals, resulting in an inimitable flavour. Glaswegin is a Scottish gin, inspired by the no-nonsense style of the city of Glasgow and its people, best served with a fuss-free tonic and a classic gin garnish. Though our roots are very much in Glasgow, our minimal monochrome bottle has global appeal, with our full size bottles and miniature gin gifts making ideal gin presents for the discerning gin-lover. Read our tips on creating the perfect gin serve or mix some Glaswegin gin cocktails with our serve suggestions, provided by our expert in-house mixologist.

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