Glaswegin Original Gin Refill Pouch 70cl
Glaswegin Original Gin Refill Pouch 70cl

Glaswegin Original Gin Refill Pouch 70cl

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 If you're anything like us,  you'll have a hard time parting with your Glaswegin bottle. They are just too good to throw away- and now you don't need to. Our 700ml refill pouches are designed so that you can simply refill your bottle and enjoy even more Glaswegin at home- saving carbon emissions and waste with our improved refills. 

Zero Waste Initiative 

All of our refill pouches now come with a freepost label attached. When you're finished with your gin, place the empty pouch in any Royal Mail post box (with the lid on). This then makes its way back to Glaswegin HQ through our Freepost address where we take care of the recycling for you. 

More About Our Recycling Scheme 

Our spout pouches are made from a multi layer of recycled plastic film (recycling code 7) to ensure that our pouches keep our gin airtight and safe from leaks in transit. Not able to recycle this in your area? No problem. Simply post the empty pouch using the freepost address ready-applied to the back of the pouch and we'll take care of this for you. 

Using our recycling partner Terracycle, your returned pouch is turned into garden furniture, building materials and... even more pouches! Zero waste, maximum taste. Find more about Terracycle's Zero Waste programme here:

Why are pouches more environmentally sensitive than bottles? 

Great question. Whilst our glass bottles are readily recycled in your glass bin- the manufacture and transport of glass is more carbon-intensive than the production of our pouches. In our drive to reduce our emissions across our business, we have offered a convenient, greener way to enjoy Glaswegin.

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